About the MTA (Moe Traders Association)

The Moe Traders Association was created in 2004 by a group of interested yet concerned Moe Traders who felt the local business community was not properly represented to larger government bodies such as the Latrobe City Council.
The feeling behind the MTA's creation was that a unified and common voice would have more success in effecting change than many individual voices.
Moe Traders has been successful in making many changes in Moe in the support of local businesses and the community.
In general terms, the Moe Traders Association is a community based group created for the express purpose of providing a unified voice and support system for the Moe business community.
Some of the goals and activities of the MTA are listed below ……
  • Provide a Voice for and Support to local traders
  • Encourage the community to “Buy Local”
  • Stimulate Local Industry and Local Jobs
  • CBD beautification and presentation
  • Raising the profile of the Moe Business Community

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