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Promotions Sub-Committee
The Moe Traders executive have created and organised a sub-committee that will deal specifically with promoting Moe and local traders.
Invitations were invited from the MTA membership and several people graciously volunteered to serve in this capacity.
The Sub-Committee will work on ideas on how to promote Moe and local traders and then report those ideas to the executive for approval.
Once an idea or project has been approved, the sub-committee will then have the task of implementing the plan.
We thank those who volunteered their time and talents.

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Moe Trader Talk - Moe & Narracan News, Monday 7th October 2013

On behalf of the Moe Traders Association, Jeff Hitchens and I had the pleasure of attending Moe RSL on Friday 27 September for our local "National Police Remembrance Day 2013".

This day is an opportunity to remember those of the Police Force who have given their lives in the line of duty.  It was great to honour the memory of those fallen and give thanks to them and to the current members of the Police Force.  Members of the Police Force are not always given the credit due to them, those who, on a daily basis, risktheir lives to make ours safer.

Moe Traders had an incident involving a bank robbery last week and we felt very safe with the quick action by our local Police to ensure the safety of not only the Traders but also the public.  The quick and professional way in which this incident was handled was a credit to all those involved.

It is that exciting time of year again with our Moe Cup 3 Hour sale on this Thursday October 10 and the Moe Traders are looking forward to receiving the support once again from the community.  Don't forget to look for the colour liftout in todays Moe News.

Saturday October 19 is support small business day.  Moe Traders Association were lucky to receive a government grant to help with promoting the day and we have organised 2000 Moe Traders free shopping bags to give to customers on the day.  Look out for further details or go online and register as there is $100,000 of gift cards for consumers to win to spend at participating stores.  If you go on the link below you will be able to register as a business or consumer.

Until next time, continue to shop local, stay local and enjoy the benefits of our unique community

Christine Waterhouse
President Moe Traders Association